The Yale Union building is conveniently located in the center of Portland and may be rented for events or production purposes. All rentals are contingent upon compatibility with our current exhibition and programming schedule. To organize a tour or learn more about our rates, contact Jenny Martin. Individuals and organizations are eligible to rent YU’s facility for private functions with the exception of political events, art displays, or performances not belonging to or in accordance with YU’s mission.

Too often, small arts organizations, Yale Union included, cannot adequately compensate the artists they choose to work with. One of our priorities for the coming year is to increase the levels of support we are able to offer artists, ensuring that all are fairly compensated for their work. Rental fees directly support the programmatic mission and operational maintenance of Yale Union, and most importantly, the artists we work with. When you rent Yale Union for your private event, you are funding the cultural life of the Pacific Northwest.