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Abu Dhabi Is For Flamingoes
A Talk
Wednesday, October 5, 7pm

Suzanne Cotter, curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s Abu Dhabi Project, will discuss the practical, theoretical, and developmental migraines of geographically far-out institutions, and what it means to negotiate within specific regional contexts and cultural traditions. Since announcement, the Abu Dhabi project has been subject to a windfall of press coverage chronicling its dramatic intentions. Cocktail party chatter celebrates the spectacular rise of this “global hub,” its multicultural can-do spirit and liberal-leaning ways, yet conversations also dwell on hubris and the inevitability of imploding bubbles. “It just had to end,” one hears. “It was too big, too much, too fast.” Heads nod in unison. “It’s going to be breathtaking,” one hears. “It will thrill.” Heads nod in unison. In part, it invites such hysterical interpretations because it is nearly impossible to verify anything. Cotter will elucidate.

Photo by Jason Fulford