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d.a. carter


“Because” is an Answer
d.a. carter
26 July 2019, 5-7pm

Join home school at Yale Union on 26 Jul 2019, 5-7pm for a talk with d.a. carter. In his words, we will “Read…drink…discuss three Black Studies essays and what they might mean for how we engage blackness.” We will work with the following readings:

• “On the Issue of Roles” by Toni Cade Bambara

• “A Black Poetics: Against Mastery by Dawn Lundy Martin

• “The Anarchy of Colored Girls Assembled in a Riotous Manner” by Saidiya Hartman

Streamed and archived online for distance learning. Please send home school a message and we can provide these readings for you.

d.a. carter is a writer, teacher, and cognac sipper. He is co-editor of The Iconic Obama, 2007-2009: Essays on Media Representations of the Candidate and New President (2012). He is currently completing Obscene Material, a book examining black girlhood and scandal in 1919 Washington, D.C. and is also a member of the Queering Slavery Working Group, an interdisciplinary scholarly collective that uses Tumblr to place black queer studies in conversation with the history of enslavement: http://qswg.tumblr.com and http://qswgremix.tumblr.com. He is an assistant professor of Black Studies at Portland State University, with research interests in 20th Century African American History, gender and sexuality studies, and black cultural studies.

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