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A Talk
Saturday, November 15, 5pm

The artist and publisher James Hoff will be in town to discuss Primary Information, a publishing house he runs in New York with Miriam Katzeff. Primary Information has a predilection for publishing documents, journals, books, and recordings by artists while also reprinting lost or unpublished material.

Printed matter of this sort has long been central to the practice of artists, but these materials, ephemeral by nature, have not always been preserved or so easily available. Today, with unprecedented access to information and printing technology come new questions of how to publish, when to publish, and why.

James Hoff was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1975. He lives in New York.


Co La, Hegemony of Delete, LP.

Album, Elise Storsveen and Eline Mugaas.

The Writings of George Kuchar, edited by Andrew Lampert.

Cannibal, Cannibal, LP.

Quincy, Carl Andre.

Irl, Jequ, PDF.

Complete Minimal Poems, Aram Saroyan.


An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, Edited by Emmett Williams.

Definitivist Manifesto, Guerrilla Art Action Group.

EYEYE, Aram Saroyan.

G.P.O. versus. G.P-O, Genesis P. Orridge.

Chimerization, Florian Hecker.


On Onions, Elad Lassry.

Format, Sarah Crowner.

Do you love me?, Lutz Bacher.

Catalouge for the Exhibition, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

Xerox Book, Various Artists, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

January 5-31, 1969, Various Artists, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

March 1969, Various Artists, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

July, August, September 1969, Various Artists, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

18 PARIS IV. 70, Seth Siegelaub, edited by Michel Claura, PDF.

The United States Servicemen’s Fund Art Collection, Various Artists, edited by Seth Siegelaub, PDF.

The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement, Robert Projansky and Seth Siegelaub, PDF.


An Anti-Catalog, Various Artists, PDF.

Rêve Parisien, Rhys Catham.

Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-1979, Destroy All Monsters.

Great Bear Pamphlets, Facsimile Edition, Various Artists.


Avalanche, Facsimile Edition, Various Artists, edited by Liza Bear and Willoughby Sharp.

Notebooks 1967-1970, Lee Lozano.

XXX Macarena, Tony Conrad/Jutta Koether/John Miller.

Coffee Coffee, Aram Saroyan.


Rock/Music Writings, Dan Graham.

The Complete Edition of Newsletters by Something Else Press, Facsimile Edition, edited by Dick Higgins, PDF.

Disband, Disband.


Documents by Art Workers’ Coalition, Facsimile Edition, Various Artists,  PDF.

Open Hearing by Art Workers’ Coalition, Facsimile Edition, Various Artists, PDF.

“A Poor Man’s Key to the New Art,” Barbara Moore, PDF.

How to Make a Happening (CD), Allan Kaprow, Edition of 1,000

How to Make a Happening (Transcription), Allan Kaprow, PDF.

Great Bear Pamphlets (Wooden Box edition), Facsimile Edition, Various Artists.


Coffee Coffee, Aram Saroyan, Facsimile Edition.

Real Life Magazine: Selected Writings and Projects 1979-1994, Various Artists, Edited by Thomas Lawson and Susan Morgan.