was a center for contemporary art in Southeast Portland, Oregon. It was led by a desire to support artists, propose new modes of production, and stimulate the ongoing public discourse around art. This website serves as an archive of Yale Union’s programming from 2011 through 2021.

Yale Union acknowledges that it occupies the traditional lands of the Multnomah, Chinook, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tualatin Kalapuya, Molalla, and other Indigenous peoples.


A Reading and Screening as Part of KUCHAR…
Friday, May 30, 8pm

On Friday night, Andrew Lampert will screen scarce footage of George Kuchar working on the set of his picture Portrait of Ramona, serve hot dogs, and read from The George Kuchar Reader he’s been editing these past few years. The book, which Scott Ponik designed, gives us a criminal amount of pleasure and is a serious resource for self-effacement, artistic intelligence (very different from schoolboy intelligence), tales of UFO encounters, and how to write student recommendation letters:

To whom it may concern,

Mark Boswell is no spring chicken to be left to molt in the stinking confines of gizzard-ville. His work should be free to roam the high and low country of cinema showcases that crave the crowing of new and vital vocal chords made audible/visible in the mediums of this millennium. That is why I urge you all to seek new plumage which can adorn the silver screens of your venues with a southern fried sensibility that only Mark Boswell can deliver.

This winged spirit, reared in semitropical heat, can banish the chill that has descended upon your patrons; so turn up the heat and witness what only equatorial nearness can nurture. Experience the searing adventure that is Mark Boswell. Relish in his brand of Floridian grit with over-easy angst and I bet you too can weigh in heavily on the scale of success and box office bloat.

Respectfully yours,
George Kuchar
Film professor
San Francisco Art Institute

Andrew Lampert is an artist, filmmaker, and Curator of Collections at Anthology Film Archives in New York City. Anthology has preserved many films by the Kuchar brothers.

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A Talk as Part of Agematsu…
Saturday, May 31, 5pm

On Saturday afternoon, Andrew Lampert will give a tour of his friend Yuji Agematsu’s exhibition. I’m not sure what exactly he will talk about, but I imagine he’ll drift into the subject of collecting and archives, as Andrew is an archivist and Curator of Collections at Anthology Film Archives in New York City. There, he organized performances with Agematsu in 2004 and 2013.

The Professor