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October 16–December 11
Hours: Thursday–Sunday, 2–5pm

Opening: Sunday, October 16, 4–6pm

Final Days, Paint on exterior, 2016
The Secret Garden, Paint on floor, 2016
KMS, Radios, F.M. 87.9, 2016

The exhibition is organized by Jordan Stein and Robert Snowden. Thanks to Alex Chao, Peter Currie, Maria Joan Dixon, Tamara Freedman, Kevin Kelly, Vincent Fecteau, Carol Greene, Anthony Huberman, Martha Fleming-Ives, Chloe Truong-Jones, Scott Ponik, The Ramp, Lindsey White, and the members of Yale Union.

The exhibition is supported by a grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.


#1. KMS, video, 2016.

#2. The Secret Garden, 2016.

#3. The Secret Garden, 2016.

#4. The Secret Garden, 2016.

#5. KMS, 2016.

#6. Final Days, 2016.

Photos by Leif Anderson